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Ways to Bring Comfort and Joy to your Home

Here's a couple quick and easy ways to bring comfort and joy to a dull corner of your home.


Who wouldn't want reminders of classic Christmas songs sprinkled around your home. If you're anything like me you have a few 8x10 frames just kicking around. I usually check the thrift stores every time I'm there. Today I'm using one that I picked up from our local dollar store. I painted it gold to match some of the other frames I have around the house.

I made this one up using Canva and then downloaded the PDF file to print. I will probably play around with other song lyrics in the future but for today this one fits the bill. I'll link a printable version below in case you want to use this song as well.


I have a little spot on my kitchen counter where I keep my diffuser. It's usually cluttered with extra oils, extra water, and random stuff the kids bring me from around the house. It's not a very 'happy holidays' kind of spot so it was time to fix that with a few other things I have.

I had some left over greens from getting our Christmas tree so I wired them together to make a short section of garland. The pinecone and deer are ones that I have created from concrete. I mold them and then paint them. I love the classic white and gold of the deer. They are my daughters favorite also.


And finally I needed something new to put through my diffuser other than my old standby, peppermint and rosemary by the way. I have a holiday variety pack of oils I picked up from TJ Maxx in addition to my collection of staples I ordered from Bulk Apothecary. So here's what I came up with for this holiday season..

I was worried the cinnamon would overpower everything else. On my first go around I added 3 cinnamon and 2 cedarwood and it was too strong. I do still love the cinnamon but it is much better now.

Don't forget to grab the free printable below.

I want to invite you to give these ideas a try. And please follow us on Instagram, and Facebook to see what's happening daily around our little corner of the world.

Merry Christmas!

Printable Comfort and Joy
Download PDF • 194KB

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